Currently, we are accepting new contracts and partnerships with school systems in Bucks and Montgomery Counties (in person or teletherapy), and throughout Pennsylvania via teletherapy. Listed below are specific services offered through Groovy Time Speech LLC.

Groovy Time Speech LLC employs qualified therapists who can promptly step in to assist districts in covering caseloads to ensure that student IEPs continue to be implemented as written, whether in-person or by telepractice.


Many students with IEPs, particularly those who have been found eligible under Speech or Language Impairment (SLI), are provided speech therapy services as part of FAPE. These services may continue without disruption during a school site closure via a telepractice model, in which the speech therapist interacts with the student through a HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing platform. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) affirms that telepractice is considered an appropriate model of service delivery for speech-language pathologists, when clinically appropriate. Further, ASHA notes that telepractice may be used to overcome barriers of access to service, such as distance or unavailability of specialists.


    • Writing IEP goals and holding annual IEP meetings
    • Collaborating with other related service providers, teachers, principals, one on ones, parents, and other educational staff.

Speech and Language Services

    • Providing services as stated by the IEP; individual or group sessions, as well as consultation services. 
    • Progress reporting


Speech-language pathologists may conduct evaluations via videoconferencing and using digital versions of assessment tools. Our therapists understand the importance of conducting thorough, legally-defensible evaluations and maintaining IEP timelines.

Our therapists deliver comprehensive evaluations including:

    • Reviewing records and conducting case histories
    • Interviewing teachers, parents, and other related service providers
    • Administering formal and informal assessment tools
    • Interpreting results and writing evaluation reports
    • Determining eligibility and making recommendations for services
    • Presenting results at IEP meetings